Can management research really help me run my business?

As an executive, academic research can enable you to transform your organization. Learn the fundamental principles of setting strategy, innovating, identifying and creating competitive advantage, motivating employees, leading through crisis, and going global. Most managers invent their own solutions by lonely trial and error, without benefiting from what has worked for others. This book gathers groundbreaking research from recognized management experts to help you reinvent your company today.

A comprehensive, hands-on study guide

Eric and Joe provide a reference guide to academic contributions in the major fields within management: strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership, organization, international business, innovation, finance, nonprofit management, and decision-making. The result is a concise presentation of the literature with a focus on practical applications—an invaluable resource for management students and business leaders globally.

About the authors

Dr. Eric R. Ball is Co-Founder and General Partner at Impact Venture Capital, focused on early-stage IT investments. From 2015-16 he served as Chief Financial Officer of C3 IoT and for a decade before that served as Senior VP and Treasurer of Oracle, where he was named as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Finance” in 2011 by the editors of CFO and Treasury & Risk Management magazines. He holds a PhD from Claremont's Drucker-Ito Graduate School of Management, and has taught at Rochester, Rutgers, and USC.

Dr. Joseph A. LiPuma is Senior Lecturer and Innovation Curriculum Advisor at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, from which he earned a DBA in strategy and policy. His research on international entrepreneurship has been published in leading academic journals and book chapters. Prior to his academic career, Dr. LiPuma had 20+ years in leadership roles in IT consulting ventures, starting businesses in the US, UK, Italy, and Saudi Arabia. He has extensive executive and board experience at SMEs and multinational companies, and has advised, mentored, and invested in a variety of young ventures.